Arch Engineering, Inc.



We provide the highest quality services along with varied innovative and cost effective solutions to various commercial and private projects.

Arch Engineering, Inc. is an environmentally dedicated company made up of a group of expert individuals that are uniquely qualified to identify and satisfy our client's needs through diversified fields of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our system integrates highly qualified individuals and firms from universities, professional organizations, and private industry. By drawing upon and linking together these pools of current technology and proven hands on experience, we at Arch believe that we can provide our client's with the highest quality service, along with varied innovative and cost effective solutions to event the most challenging of our client's needs.

Our team has designed, implemented, and supervised various complex environmental projects within large military facilities as well as civilian facilities, such as Lead abatement from 16 buildings at the officer headquarters in Leavenworth, Kansas, asbestos abatement at missile silos in Richard Gubar Air Force Base, and soil and water remediation for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Blythe and Desert Center Airports.

Our Team has successfully completed hundreds of environmental projects, such as Site inspections, work plan development, scoping studies, public and media interface of environmental concern, remediation of contaminated water and soil, air pollution control, underground storage tank removals, hazardous waste handling and disposal, landfill design studies, and geotechnical engineering.

In the past decade, we have successfully completed numerous projects for the Division of the State Architect. Some of our clients include, but are not limited to: Municipalities, Universities, U. S. Air Force, Hospitals, and Private Developers.

Arch can assure you and your company of fast, thorough and innovative approach to your environmental concerns.

We will comply and exceed your MDB, WBE and DVBE requirements. Simply put, we have a tract record of having excellent and highly qualified MBE, WBE and DVBE participation.

Our team of professionals stand ready to work with you.